s o m e t h i n g t r u e

by O Memorie

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In June '16, spent two days exhaling chords into a telephonic filter. To prepare, had dreams at sea with Daniel Johnston and Leonard Cohen. The fog on the window is an album called 'Something True', which is to say that it is - or rather will be - a representation of some personal and universal truths from a mind and others alive and otherwise.


released July 21, 2016

Music & Lyrics: O.M.



all rights reserved


O Memorie London, UK

Singing fictional diaries aloud over the telephone. Low fidelity. Low sanity. Low standards for stability.

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Track Name: i n t r ø
Here is something true
To tell you in your sleep
Mighty is the melody
That in your head repeats
But mightier still
Is the face of life gone by
Reminding us who listen on
That every song must die
Track Name: s a n d i n m y e y e s
I was a boy and I got in a fight on a beach way back
Felt like a gladiator in surfer shorts, up on the attack
Pacifist, I made a fist and broke it on his forehead
Didn’t wait too long before we left each other instead
He was a friend, what a surprise, and by the end
I had sand in my eyes

Sand in my eyes
Rocks eroding in my lashes
Sand in my eyes
I can feel their tiny scratches
Sand in my eyes

Ten years later, I head to the bathroom and he’s next to me
Two spaces away on the urinal, maybe three
Washing my hands he says “hey long time man” I just freeze still
It’s all rushing back, and I get to wondering if he still
Thinks of me, that’d be nice, then all of a sudden there’s sand in my eyes

Sand in my eyes
Standing in a public place
Sand in my eyes
Tears are crawling down my face
Sand in my eyes

I still remember what he looks like and his favourite fruit
And how he loved to watch music videos on mute
Sometimes I imagine I’ll see him once again
But until then
He was a friend, one of my guys, and by the end
I had sand in my eyes

Sand in my eyes
I’m a memory, he’s a memory
Sand in my eyes
Come on future, please be friendly
Sand in my eyes
Even if I do forget him
Sandy in my eyes
I’m just happy that I met him
Sand in my eyes
Track Name: k a r m a c a v a l c a d e
How do you do?
Me, I’m feeling new
I was under a long dry spell
I got a ticket to ride to hell
Now I’m telling you
I am feeling new

They say a person can’t change, I mean truly change
So I know it may sound strange but I asked and found an answer
It doesn’t take money or food, though that is a thing to be had
It only takes time, time to grow, time to find the good from the bad
To find the happy from sad

How do you do?
me , I’m feeling new
Maybe you’re under a lot of stress
Maybe your house and your mind is a mess
You will make it through
Feeling all anew

They say it could be worse, I mean truly worse
But what kind of answer is that? It’s just never that simple
The only thing you need to know is that we are destined to grow
It only takes time, time is the key, to find the high from the low
To go on with the show

How do you do?
Me, I’m feeling new
Everyone listen and all take note
Time is a lighthouse and you are a boat
Time will lead you to
Being someone new
Track Name: l i b r a r i a n
My love is a librarian
She works until the dawn
When she gets to close her eyes
Her mind keeps reading on

People see her at her desk
They think she’s all alone
They don’t know that my address
Is one that she calls home

I don’t read much but she doesn’t seem to mind
She loves me more than all her books combined
(Except for Harry Potter)

My love is a librarian
The kind you don’t forget
Once she pulled the fire alarm
And all the books got wet
She hasn’t been fired yet

I don’t read much but she got me to read Jane Eyre
And I told my friends I read it for a dare
(Three times)

My love is a librarian
And I’m her favourite book
She may be the one who reads
But I’m the one who cooks

I don’t read much but I can read her mind
And I will love her ‘til she breaks her spine
Oh yeah (book pun)
Track Name: e l e c t i o n d a y
“We counted all the votes
And we squandered all the options
And we argued all the days and the nights of this new year

We cursed all the colours
But further raised our banners
Until we all agree that we have nothing left to fear”

Excuse me, I cannot believe my eyes
I’m going to walk away and wash them out now
I’d like to say that this was a surprise

Enough of all this
Is enough, all this is
Enough of all this
Is enough, all this is
Enough war this
Is enough, all this is
(And so on)
Track Name: p e r h a p s i ' m s u r e
Perhaps I love you
Perhaps I don’t even know you
It doesn’t help that we’re miles away

Perhaps I crave you
Perhaps I only want to save you
In any case, you make my day

Rararight my wrongs and
Dadadye my hair
Tell me where you belong and
I’ll pull up a chair

“Perhaps” is a solace
The opposite of promise
But in my heart I mean what I say

Perhaps can shake things
And make you want to break things
But I can just tell we’ll be okay

Wrawrawrite my songs and
Dadadye my hair
Tell me where you belong and
I’ll pull up a chair

What does it mean to be sure
I have felt it once before
And i feel it once more with you

Perhaps I’ve got something in my teeth
Or in my brain that I can’t see
Nevertheless, something tells me, in all honesty, candid, courage, speaking freely
I’m pretty sure
Nevertheless, something tells me, something’s getting to me, but I’m pretty sure.
I’m pretty sure
Track Name: s l o w d y i n g p l a n e t / s l o w d y i n g s t a r
Every day I gain I lose a year again
Over and over, it’s coming out of nowhere
And so where can I take myself to breathe again
Show after show, and I’m starting to know there’s no
“Move out and into a band, play on
A San Diego game show and be happy
Be happy you’ve gone and made money
The one thing you held was a lie
You’ve left the ground miles into running
No wonder you can’t seem to fly”
But still, hell, I can try, can’t I?

I could always use trees, not to sit or
To read but to breathe, breathe again
And now with every chance, answer’s probably
I would if I could go, I should go, but no, not today, no

“Move both of your legs, be ready
Instead of being lost, you can
Be happy you’ve lived up to now, I mean
Do you know just how lucky you are?”
I’m a battery low on my power
In a brand new electric car
But I’ve come this far, so far

Every step I make I have another mistake to make
Over and over, it’s all I seem to offer
Coffee never found a place in my everyday
But I’ll fake it if I end with something to show for
All those times I composed myself, just to
Grow or grow up or something people do these days

Does happiness fit in your wallet?
Or under your pillow at night?
You can’t download and install it
I’ll settle for feeling alright
“Be happy you’ve lived up to now, no really
Do you know just how lucky you are?”
I live on a slow dying planet
That circles a slow dying star
The end
Track Name: w e n d y
Wendy, Wendy
Lived inside a nursery

Wendy, Wendy
Dreamer of the family

She’d tell her stories and we were an island and
Loving her was right at the back of my mind
But oh what a darling, she looked in my eyes and
They changed from green to blue to green to blue

Wendy, Wendy
Human honey lemon tea

Wendy, Wendy
Oh Wendy won’t you visit me?

I haven’t seen her in so many lifetimes
I try to find her in my dreams day and night
Sometimes I look into puddles and mirrors
And make out her face from a trick of the light
And say


Wendy, Wendy
Give me back my century

Wendy, Wendy
I have loved no one but she

Wendy, Wendy
Track Name: f o r m i n g
When the lines start forming
Right outside your door
I know I won’t see you anymore

Fear is what controls me
Fear that I’ll get lost
I thought that I’d be ready for this but I’m not

The garden looks much greener
And I’ll be on your side
But I will never sacrifice my pride

When our lives start forming
You will see me at my very best
You will see me shine from east to west
Track Name: o u t r ø
The candles have gone out. We’ve run out of time. Taken everything we’ve wanted. And just… brought them all back. The world is so much smaller now. It’s… darker, open. The houses are all empty but… we’re happy. What am I doing? What are you doing?